Mastery Monday – How to Negotiate Around a Porch Pirate

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November 4, 2019
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November 21, 2019

Porch pirates are those people that steal packages off of other peoples porches or front door area or wherever they are left by a delivery person. 1 out of 4 people will fall victim to package theft.

How can you avoid having your packages stolen? Here are 4 suggestions that may be your negotiation strategy to have a win-win result this holiday season and every other day of the year.

  1. Get a Post Office box or a box at a place like a UPS store. Your packages will be delivered there which will ensure they don’t get stolen. I have had a box at a UPS store since I retired from the military and have all my mail delivered there including packages.
  2. Have your packages delivered to a neighbor who is home or have your neighbor get them until you get home. Also if you order from Amazon and you live in an area where there is a Whole Foods, you can have them delivered to a secure locker there.
  3. Install a doorbell camera or other camera in the front door area that will alert you whenever there is movement. With the doorbell style camera you can talk to the person and tell them to get away from the door. They usually run off.
  4. Put a decoy package by your front door with junk in the box or even one of those glitter bombs that will spray glitter when the package is opened.

Unfortunately thieves are out there looking to score. They are prowling neighborhoods looking for opportunities to steal your packages. Taking some precautions will reduce their ability to steal and also your frustration.

Eldonna Lewis Fernandez
Eldonna Lewis Fernandez
Veteran negotiation and contracts expert Eldonna Lewis-Fernandez, author of “Think Like a Negotiator,” has over 30 years of experience crafting killer deals both stateside and internationally, many in excess of $100 million. She’s currently the CEO of Dynamic Vision International — a specialized consulting and training firm that helps individuals hone negotiation skills — as well as a nationally regarded keynote speaker, session leader and panelist on the Art of Negotiation. Eldonna may be reached online at

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