Eldonna is available for consulting
on your disputes and negotiation challenges.

She can guide you in developing your position for your dispute and
crafting or editing a dispute letter, email or phone conversation.

Below are a few examples of disputes Eldonna has helped resolve to the favor of the client:

Landlord Tenant Dispute

Landlord Tenant Dispute

Landlord’s letter indicated deductions more than the $3,300 deposit. Client was being charged over and above the security deposit. After research and discussion with the client it was determined there were some damages however the client should get back $2,600.

The landlord cited false information about things such as the “useful life rule” on carpeting (indicated it was 12 years vs. the standard 7-10 years) and attempted to void and agreement made via text and go by what the lease said. The text message negated the clause in the lease.

Eldonna prepared the letter for the client and the client sent the letter by certified mail outlining 5 pages of rebuttals and issues including mold issue in the property that went on for 2 months. Based on findings and issues cited, letter requested Landlord remit $34,511.

Landlord refunded and tenant agreed to $2,100.

Landlord Tenant Dispute ResolutionLandlord Tenant Dispute –

College Student paid $800 security deposit. At move out landlord did not provide any written damages at the initial inspection nor indicated and damages would be deducted at the final inspection.

Landlord kept $702. Eldonna coached her client on what research to do and what to include in the dispute letter. Client did the research and wrote the letter. Eldonna edited with contracts language. Client sent letter certified and recouped the entire deposit back.

This case study is outlined in detail in our TLN Virtual Negotiation Community.

Negotiate AMEX Chargeback SettlementAmerican Express (AMEX) Chargeback —

Client did a one year $35,000 brand development and coaching contract for a client. Half the payment was due up front ($17,500), the other half in 6 months. Client engaged her team to work on her client’s program investing time and funding. Her client had about 3 months of extensive sessions with her and then decided to cancel the contract. However, there was a no refund clause after the initial “cooling off period.”

That client did a chargeback to AMEX and AMEX immediately took the money out of the client’s account. Client had to submit documentation to dispute the charges. Eldonna helped client develop the rebuttal position and prepared the letter and documentation to AMEX.

Client recouped the funds but her client did a chargeback under a different reason (three more times). Eldonna continued to develop the rebuttal responses and was successful in recouping the $17,500 four times!