James Malinchak
Secret Millionaire / Big Money Speaker

Craig Duswalt
RockStar System for Success

One of the most dynamic speakers to hit the stage.

Greg Reid
Author, Speaker, Filmmaker

Eldonna rocks the stage. She can speak, she has an amazing Think Like A Negotiator Program and I highly recommend her for your next event.

Loral Langemeir
Millionaire Maker / Live Out Loud

It was wonderful having you. Standing room only packed room for your breakout session on negotiation and by far the most people to attend a session out of our 24 breakout sessions! You really stood out and attracted people to your class, and gave our event the touch if class that made it special.

Bob Dietrich
District 5 Toastmasters Speakers Bureau Chair

Not only was Eldonna’s presentation educational, it was motivational and inspiring. Our participants walked away with strategies to use in their business and inspiration for their lives. We had the one of the largest turnouts for our meeting and will definitely bring her back. We have also referred her to many of our partner organizations.

Angela L.H. Sayers, CPA, MBA
PROFS Chair, Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce

Eldonna was a featured speaker at my three-day How to Speak and Market Like A Pro Bootcamp. She was the final speaker on the final day. As we all dread, technical difficulties haunted the prior speaker, so her program started late, causing the audience to stay to hear Eldonna’s presentation. They remained glued, engaged, and energized throughout the last afternoon presentation. She held both their attention and their interest. Attendee feedback was incredible and positive. Bring Eldonna to speak at your event – for a WOW experience – loaded with content!

Sheryl Roush
President/CEO Sparkle Presentations, Inc

Eldonna was amazing, she took command of the stage from second one and wowed the audience not once but twice during the RockStar Marketing Boot Camp in Los Angeles. She did so well the first time as the Pink Biker Chic that I brought her on stage a second time in her military uniform time and she wowed the audience a second time in a totally different way. It was total respect the second time and she commanded the stage again. If you want a dynamic speaker to wow your audience and teach them what they need to know about negotiating or anything else she teaches, you want to contact Eldonna and book her to speak at your next event.

Craig Duswalt, Professional Speaker, Author, Radio Host,
and the Creator of the RockStar System For Success

I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of the training program offered by Eldonna on negotiations and it was absolutely brilliant! These are the types of resources that all women need to be successful.

Michelle Patterson
Founder & CEO, Women Network Foundation

Thank you for your participation in the Annual Arizona Military Women’s conference held in Phoenix Arizona. The negotiation workshop was well attended and participants learned skills they could use in business negotiations as well as everyday life. The workshop was very interactive and the exercise during the workshop reinforced what the participants learned, made it fun and appealing.

Gabriel M. Forsberg
Women Veteran Liaison, Arizona Department of Veteran Services

I count some of the best speakers as my colleagues and friends. I have been a professional speaker for many years speaking on multiple stages. Rarely do I find someone who goes beyond the surface and touches the entire audience at the heart level. Eldonna is one of those few speakers I have seen who is able to move an audience from her heart to theirs while challenging them to shift their way of thinking and empower themselves to success. Her call to action motivates people to transform their lives by taking control of the handlebars of and not taking a back seat in their life and success. We need more women with a transformational message and Eldonna is a woman not only of the highest integrity but a purpose and passion to help others achieve their dreams. Whether speaking to a few or a few thousand, she has a unique gift to connect with each person in the audience as if she were only speaking to them.

Shellie Hunt, MT, CCHT
Success is by Design

Powerful, genuine and inspirational. With a wry sense of humor and passionate delivery, Eldonna reaches into the heart of her audiences, into the heart of each audience member creating an emotional connection that transcends all differences. Her presentations are both entertaining and enlightening. Eldonna has an incredible way of weaving life lessons into the most entertaining and poignant stories that earn her multiple standing ovations at almost every event. Beyond motivational, Eldonna leave s her audiences empowered and inspired to take on new challenges and create a better, more fulfilling life.

Star Bobatoon
(former) Program Manager, Les Brown Enterprises

It was evident from your first word that you grabbed the attention of the audience. Your speech was moving, compelling and at several points had the entire audience frozen and riveted on your every word. Your commitment to excellence in delivery and audience impact shows that you leave a lasting impression and a message that the audience will take action on to make an impact in their lives and the lives of those around them. Well done!

Charles D. Vollmer
President and Founder Jobenomics

I am so thankful to Eldonna. Her presentation was great. One thing I walked away with is being on the same page and one of the ways to do that is to get things in writing. Make sure you write it down and you both agree. If I can do that every day I will be a success. Again, thank you Eldonna!

Diane Weklar
Weklar Business Institute

Eldonna’s presentation was phenomenal and taught us how to think and talk like a negotiator. She reminded me of a variety of important strategies. The one that really hit home to me was to “Stop Talking” and learning how to basically serve others vs sell them and how I can use my skills to serve others, lift them up and how I can be of better service to them. Only then can I share my offer and then stop talking and let them make a decision and not be in the way. Thank you Eldonna for your excellent training and I can’t wait to read your Think Like A Negotiator book.

Mary Barnett (MobileMary)
Brilliant Mobile Marketing

I just completed Eldonna Lewis Fernandez Negotiation Workshop and it was unbelievable. It was not like any workshop I’ve been to before. Negotiation is a critical skill, something that we all need to keep honing as business leaders and professionals. It can be a very dry topic but this is not the kind of workshop Eldonna ran. What I really appreciated was the way that she integrated games into the lecture and working together time so it really anchored the concepts that she was teaching. The second thing is she gave us hard tools that I can take back to my office and implement tomorrow. Its not just about learning it today. Looking forward to her next event. I’ll be there, you should too because it’s a skill we can continue to hone. This format allows us to keep getting better regardless of whether we are new, intermediate or advanced in our skills with negotiation.

Jeffrey Wolfe
Road Captain For Your Business

Eldonna taught me that when negotiations happen it can be stressful so its important to seek advice about areas you’re not familiar with and really read carefully the terms of those contracts that you are presented with because one little clause can make the difference in a deal being a great deal or a terrible deal. She also emphasized that its important to make sure the terms and conditions are spelled out to ensure we are both getting the best deal possible.

Alex Van Name
310 Science-Math

Eldonna is an excellent speaker and facilitator. I am a tax attorney and wealth building expert. I wanted to experience Eldonna’s Think Like A Negotiator course. Experience says it all in this course because its an experiential learning that is interactive and lessons are learned by doing rather than having a speaker just talk about things. Some of the things we learned in this course were building relationships, speaking out, making sure that we negotiate constantly in our work and in our life. My favorite part about Eldonna’s teaching is her skills in creating interaction and emotion with the audience. The course is well worth attending.

Rich Gaines J.D., LL.M. Taxation
Legacy Legal Inc

Eldonna is amazing at creating energy and enthusiasm by getting people participating and thinking in the training room. Normally when people attend events they simply listen and write notes. Eldonna gets you involved and that’s really important in learning. I would recommend Eldonna to anyone who wants to succeed in life. Whether you are negotiating to a car loan, get a car repaired buy a house or get a job, you can take these tools and create a successful life for yourself.

Christopher Rausch
The Kickass Guide to Life

Eldonna is high energy and engages the audience. She gives you the negotiation tools to work with and how to use them. Plus you practice using them at the event. Most seminars teach content but not how to use it. We are actually getting up out of our seats and working with real people.

Eldonna has taught me so much. One of the highlights is the importance of building relationships, really understanding the person you are connecting with. That it’s not really about what can I get from you. Its how can I serve you? She also drove home that there are certain things that are negotiable and there are certain things that are not negotiable. For instance; I don’t think people’s health is negotiable. There are certain things that you have to stick to and know this is where we don’t bend and this is where we do bend. She gives you the tools to do that.

Dr Linda Marquez-Goodine
Health and Wellness Expert

Eldonna is amazing. We are learning how to negotiate, and learning to get what we want, in the way that want, to be successful for win-win solutions. Book Eldonna to speak now!

Nancy Burke Bar
Social Media Strategist / MentorMama.com

Eldonna is pure fun and authentic. She makes learning fun and is a master teacher. She takes the time to teach the theory and then shows you how to have fun with it. Then it becomes part of who you are and its just magic. One of the things Eldonna does such a great job with is cementing the learning. Some of the things we did today are now just going to be a natural part of me. She creates awareness about a lot of different philosophies; business principles and life principles that you can use everyday.

Val Brown
Television Producer

Eldonna was really amazing and I learned that I should be looking at my bottom line and absolutely willing to walk away if I’m not getting what I want in a contract or negotiation. Also it’s about creating a win-win situation. It’s not to take from the other person but to figure out what their needs are and to get mine met as well.

Heather Meglasson
Brilliance Coach

Eldonna is an excellent storyteller and she weaved her stories together with her experiences in business and in family negotiation. The class was great and the exercises really allowed us to learn about the techniques of negotiation. She gave us basic tips to help us remember to build relationships, ask for consideration and she used her personal stories to bring color to the topic and gave us her 30 years of experience to help us in our negotiation.

Aleesa Daley
Transformational Empowerment Coach

I didn’t think negotiation was an important part of my business but I learned that negotiation is something that we have the opportunity to do every day and have negotiation work for us and the other side.

Jean Ryan

Eldonna really drove home the point of being prepared when you are going into a negotiation otherwise you are starting from a weak position. As someone who is going to be putting on my own events I learned techniques to negotiate a favorable position with the various sources I will be working with for the events.

Bill Lopez
Automatic Success

Eldonna is an amazing talent for conveying information and assists in the learning process where you actually engage with the other participants to practice these skills. I have 15 years experience as an attorney have done a lot of negotiating and I learned a lot from this seminar. It’s a great opportunity for anyone who wants to get better at their negotiating skills. I highly recommend Eldonna’s program

Renee Grace Rodriguez
Real Estate and Bankruptcy Attorney